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CITROSOL is a cleaner specially formulated for gentle removal of iron oxide deposits. Delivered as a reday to use product for pre commisioning and maintenance cleaning of equipment and pipes. CITROSOL is blended with a special compound to prevent corrosion of the base metal substrate.


SCALESOL (SS) is a concentrated water-based, inorganic fluid for cleaning of piping & equipment. SCALESOL (SS) is available as a ready to use liquid that has been specially formulated for use in stainless steels grades 304, 316 & 316 L.


CLEENTHOL SS is specially designed for use in the sugar industry. To be used in FFE's in place of traditional methods like boiling with HCL. The formula is highly effective in removal of sugarcane juice scale and at the same time is very safe on the equipment.


HYDROSOL is a super efficient neutral pH degreaser for oils & greases. Especially useful in cleaning tanks of diesel.


Passivex is a blend of oxidisers that ensure passivation of Carbon steel surfaces that have been cleaned using CitroSol or SCALESOL CS.


SCALESOL (CS) has been formulated for removal of water scale deposits on piping and equipment.


DIRTSOL is an alkaline liquid concentrated cleaner for removal of oils from equipment.


CARBOSOL is a formulation for removal of carbon contamination from steel surfaces.

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