Oil Flushing

We offer complete customized solutions for chemical cleaning and take on turnkey jobs to carry our chemical cleaning at client locations.

We clean everything from simple condensers to complex Amine, Steam, Compressor and HRSG systems. Besides this we also offer lube oil flushing services to achieve required NAS values in Hydraulic and Turbine Oil Systems.

Contaminants like weld slag, dirt, oils, loose scale, water, rust and other insoluble material can get stuck in the bearings of various equipment and can lead to great amount of damage and destruction. The dynamic film of the oil can sometimes be lesser than a micron in thickness and hence it is really important to eradicate the particles by targeting them to microscopic standards.

The importance of this activity is now realised by many organisations and as a result Oil Flushing is becoming a common practice. If an organisations tries to omit Oil Flushing, they are definitely walking towards a scenario where eventually their system will malfunction due to heavy and rapid wear and in many cases, it will breakdown.

We have specially designed machinery which aims at performing turbulent oil flushing at elevated velocity.

We conduct customised evaluation of the whole system which is to be flushed.

For this process, all inputs of designs are utilised which includes erection isometrics, metallurgy, target contamination, process and instrumentation diagrams, data sheets and vendor drawings. All the guidelines and specifications laid out by client and vendor are carefully analysed and reviewed and then it is incorporated in the procedure. Applying these kinds of practices becomes really important and vital for obtaining the desired equipment life and desired performance.

Our long-standing history of executing the Oil Flushing activity brings an expertise level which helps us to understand, recognise and analyse a huge variety of systems and packages. This enables us to react seamlessly and efficiently by suggesting the right solution and providing the best service.

Apart from that, the exposure and experience have also trained us to follow strict procedures for safety and adhere to spill prevention and aim at executing the activity in a safe and steady operational manner.

Spanchem Technologies carries out Oil Flushing with its own Oil Flushing Skids consisting of external pumps (gear/ centrifugal), beta-rated cartridge filters, heated break tanks and NAS value counters. Oil flushes to the piping system at 3 to 6 times its normal flow rate. This high volume of oil removes scale and particulate from the piping that is trapped in the filter. Thermal shocks greatly enhance the process and achieve NAS values quicker than normal flushing equipment. In most cases a pre-operational pickling of the piping is carried out to ensure cleaner systems.

A detailed report is submitted post the Oil Flushing activity is completed which highlights the differential and productive value that the overall job brought to the system and machinery.

This is to showcase utmost transparency of the service level agreement and to elevate the customer satisfaction quotient.

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Spanchem Technologies is capable of providing chemical cleaning services across many industries including Refining, Chemical processing, Offshore Rigs, Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Steel & Power.