Tank Cleaning

The large number of varying tank designs is a challenge for internal cleaning: size, diameter, material, facing horizontally or vertically, number, position and size of the opening, build and size of the stirring unit. The prominent cleaning processes are time consuming due to required personal protective equipment, often in addition to respiratory protection. In very large tanks, not all places can be reached by hand. The modern answer to all questions regarding internal cleaning of tanks is our Tank Cleaning services at Spanchem.

A quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary in order to disrupt the production process as little as possible.

Large oil sediments, sand, scales and wax tend to accumulate in storage tanks in due course of time. This sludge material can grow to amounts of thousands of barrels in a storage tank which has a large diameter. To get rid of this mess with the use of conventional and traditional methods will take around six to 7 months in most cases.

We employ automated, non-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery solutions designed for optimum health, safety and environmental performance. Our systems clean above ground oil storage tanks and recover waste oil in a safe and efficient way.

Whether it's outline maintenance to remove solids and sludge, decontamination measures, tank renovation, or the demolition and decommissioning of a tank, trained personnel perform the storage tank cleaning. It covers:

  • Chemical cleaning on industrial process systems to remove residual oils, corrosion products, chemical build-up and other contaminants
  • Hydroblasting to help decontaminate and remove excess waste build-up from tanks, boilers, drum storage areas, plant floors, parking lots, machinery and a variety of other locations
  • Vacuum cleaning to remove heavy sludges and solids that are not broken down by ordinary vacuum units. These units are able to replace previous methods using manual labor.
  • Storing, transporting and disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and or product during each tank cleaning

The results

  • Less exposure to safety risk
  • Lower project costs
  • Recovered hydrocarbons
  • Less environmental harm
  • Safe and fast cleaning for tanks of all sizes
  • Robust tank washing heads with a light weight and very good jetting image
  • Certified products for cleaning of tanks transporting dangerous goods and those in explosion-risk areas

Improve Safety Performance:

Our chemical tank cleaning methodology doesn't require personnel to enter the tank; all work is performed in a closed loop system. Our chemicals are the only thing that works inside. Plus, all of the hazardous materials are flushed out of the tank without people being exposed to them.

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