Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

▸ Mumbai Refinery

Decontamination of CDU-I, CDU-II, HVU,NSU,CDU 4, Decontamination in CCU Turnaround during CCU 2018, Decontamination of Process Equipments in RMP-SRU Complex, and DHDS Complex.

• Liquid Phase and Vapor Phase basis requirement


▸ Kochi Refinery

Decontamination of CDU-II and Condensate Lines

• Liquid Phase and Vapor Phase basis requirement

Bharat Oman Refineries Limited

▸ Bina

Decontamination, Passivation & Pyrophoric Iron Removal in CDU/VDU/DCU/DHDT/SRU/HCU/MS BLOCK Units

• Liquid / Vapor Phase

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

▸ Chennai

Decontamination & De-emulsification of Piping, Columns, Vessels, Furnaces, Heat Exchangers in CDU-2 Unit & FCC Unit Main Column Feed Bottom Section at Refinery 2 at CPCL Manali

• Liquid / Vapor Phase

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited

▸ Mangaluru

Decontamination & Passivation of DA-33201 (Fractionator) and CDU II Chemical Decontamination

• Liquid / Vapor Phase

Numaligarh Refinery Limited

▸ Numaligarh

Decontamination of VDU Column & Associated Equipments

• Vapor Phase

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

▸ Mumbai Refinery

Decontamination of PDA, NFCC, VDU in Lube Refinery & Desalter in Fuel Refinery, LR VPS Tower & Associated Strippers and APS – VPS Unit Decontamination.

• Liquid / Vapor Phase

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

▸ Mathura Refinery

Decontamination & Cleaning of Reforming Reactor Feed/Effluent Exchanger 15-E-1 (Helitower) in CCRU Area, complete AVU-I Unit during M&I Shutdown

• Liquid / Vapor Phase

▸ Panipat Refinery

Liquid Phase Decontamination Job at AVU-I & HCU Units at Panipat Refinery

• Liquid Phase


▸ Barauni Refinery

Decontamination of complete AVU-I Unit during M&I Shutdown at Barauni Refinery

• Liquid / Vapor Phase


▸ Haldia Refinery

Decontamination Job of CDU I/ VDU – 2 Units

• Liquid / Vapor Phase


▸ Vadodara, Gujarat Refinery

Decontamination of AU-III & FPU-II Units at Gujarat Refinery

• Liquid / Vapor Phase


▸ Begusarai, Bihar Refinery

Decontamination of AVU II Unit

• Vapor Phase

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