Hydro Jetting / Hydro Milling

Cleaning tasks in the context of maintenance work and production devices pose complex challenges. The high amount of different substances and their differing traits can be particularly problematic, where substances are converted, handled, stored or transported.

Reactors and boilers, sieves and filters, but also pipelines and heat exchangers are insufficiently cleaned with conventional cleaning methods or are very time consuming, and therefore uneconomical to clean. Depending on the type of contamination, the same problem applies to the cleaning of buildings, facilities and transport containers as well.

The advanced technology of Hydro Jetting or Hydro Milling provides a reliable, proven and highly efficient cleaning method. High pressure water is a highly variable technique with extraordinary usage possibilities, and is the solution for almost all cleaning tasks.

Internal cleaning is the main point of tank maintenance. In order to disrupt the production process as little as possible, a quick and thorough cleaning of storage tanks, reactor tanks etc. is crucial. The external cleaning of tanks occurs primarily for avoiding corrosion or for visual reasons.

We specialize in providing hydro jetting services using high pressure jetting units to supplement our chemical cleaning services.

Hydro milling has been widely used in industrial cleaning and pre-commissioning applications for the removal of hard deposits from steam, lube oil, compressor, and process line systems, as well as tube bundles and vessels. It is recommended especially in the case of large diameter piping (>24") offering significant savings in utilities and waste disposal as compared to chemical cleaning. In order to help preserve the long-term integrity of these process piping systems, hydro-milling can be used to remove all undesirable foreign contaminants and particulate matter.

The nozzle head, fixed on the end of the high pressure hose is static, the entire length of HP hose itself is then rotated using a Rotating Hose Device (RDR unit). The RDR unit is either hydraulically operated or pneumatically operating rotary device. The RDR unit (a wheeled rotary joint) sits externally from the pipe being cleaned, in such a manner that the rotary device can travel the cleaning distances with the rotating hose length which is inserted into the pipeline opening.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting / Hydro Milling at a glance

  • The cleaning of pipes is feasible, even in hard-to-access areas
  • Pipes with differing widths can be freed from dirt and deposits
  • Water jetting causes no damages to the inner walls of the pipes

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