Air Blowing

Air blowing is a varied process by which compressed air is utilized as a cleaning medium to remove construction debris, loose rust, liquids, and other contaminants from process piping.

Spanchem Technologies utilizes specializes equipment necessary to correctly perform air blows of various plant piping systems as well as air blowing of steam generating equipment. Piping systems which do not require high levels of cleanliness typically associated with steam blowing and chemical cleaning can effectively be cleaned by air blowing processes. Gross construction debris, sand and dirt are able to be transported out of the system and safely into one of our silencers/debris separators while causing minimal disruption to ongoing work activities.

Decompression air blowing involves pressurizing the system or an additional volume to a predetermined and engineered pressure so that operational forces during the process will be exceeded. Once the predetermined pressure has been reached, the pressurized portion of the system is decompressed into a specialized collection and noise reducing receiver. For continuous air blowing, the system is subjected to a continuous stream of air at a predetermined and engineered flow rate until the client’s desired cleanliness specifications have been met.

This process of an engineered way of air blowing results in an efficient methodology to eradicate debris, liquids, rust and other construction contaminants. To ensure utmost cleanliness, we at Spanchem, have a calculation of the Air Blowing force ratio of all engineered cleaning activities as well as velocities of cleaning and air pressure. This precise engineering of Air Blowing is mandatory to the overall success when it comes to cleaning the system.

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