The Problem - Ugly Hydro Carbon Deposit

Most elements of refineries and petrochemical plants (columns, vessels, heat exchangers, etc.) build up hydrocarbon deposits over time.

The cleaning of these is often less than straightforward requiring decontamination to eliminate hydrogen sulphide, benzene, explosive gases (LEL) and pyrophoric iron sulphides.


The Solution - Decontamination

Whether as part of scheduled maintenance or break fix works, Span Chen Technologies has experience in the chemical cleaning and decontamination of such elements & ensures that maintenance teams are quickly provided with safe access to the plant for the required maintenance operations.

Span Chem Technologies uses chemical products for decontamination that are highly effective, fast-acting and safe for personnel, plant and the environment. The chemicals themselves have near neutral pH, are non toxic and biodegradable. They have no VOCs and are not flammable, with an MSDS hazard rating of 0-0-0. The process drastically improves entry time to 12 hours or less and eliminates safety concerns associated with cleaning, degassing and environmental compliance.